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Other Service

  • Weather: We will complete flight plans, and provide “NO TAM” and the Meteorology report

  • Charter/Lease:

Our partners, with a wide range of fleet diversification and custom tailored leases, allow us to serve our customers with flexible, creative solutions. We specialise in both Passenger and Cargo Leasing Services worldwide.
Chartering an aircraft for your own private use can be as convenient as using a car for your travel needs with no risk of missing flights.

  • Tourism: We provide package deals for a full range of tours throughout Vietnam.

Visa/Hotel reservation/Transportation

HASVIETNAM offers 24 hour service for hotel reservations, ground transportation and necessary Visa arrangements.

  • Visa on arrival: If you urgently need to be in Vietnam and have no time to organize your visa application contact us! We will arrange to have your Visa ready for you on arrival.

  • Hotel reservation: HASVIETNAM can arrange all your hotel accommodation at reasonable prices.

  • Ground transportation: Upon your request, HASVIETNAM can provide well-equipped and comfortable vehicles at a competitive price ready for you at the airport.